In keeping with our DNA and its strong roots in the world of fashion, we offer you up-to-date sourcing tailored to each season’s trends (fabrics, printed patterns, new silhouettes, accessories and finishings, etc.).
Ongoing sourcing of fabrics
Exclusive prints and bespoke services
Ongoing technical development
Clear and transparent production management

Ongoing sourcing of fabrics

Silk, viscose, cotton, polyester and fibre blends are all regulars in our collections on various types of weaving and weights.

Our sales teams can also source or develop materials according to your needs.

Exclusive prints and bespoke services

Our design studio offers you new printed patterns, in terms of both designs and colours all throughout the year.

Purchasing archives has allowed us to own over 50,000 design models from the 1930s to the present day.

This asset allows Atelier Marey to offer you bespoke services and work on your exclusive prints with our designers.

Ongoing technical development

Atelier Marey supports you in the technical development of your products. We have a dedicated department, located in Paris, helping you create your technical specifications and develop pattern making in partnership with the factories that will manufacture the products.

We also closely monitor prototypes, size sets and PPS until production approval.

We develop your own prints and advise you on the most suitable printing techniques. We create designs that are industrially viable. Our goal is to facilitate your processes as much as possible by offering you full support and in-depth expertise at every stage of production.

Clear and transparent production management

We aim to accompany you throughout the process, taking charge the monitoring of your production and making sure all important steps follow your schedules.

We plan the weaving of greige fabric in advance, in order to be as responsive as possible on manufacturing lead times. We monitor the dyeing, printing and finishing of materials. Finally, we take charge of cutting, manufacturing and trimming.

Our internal quality control takes place at each stage:  

1 — Fabric inspection
2 — Fabric testing
3 — In-line garment inspection
4 — Final garment inspection

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