Our CSR Policy

We support you in your efforts to manufacture clothing responsibly. To this effect, we practise responsible sourcing, resulting in our certifications.

FSC® Certification

As a viscose-based clothing manufacturer, we have taken steps to obtain this certification, which allows us to ensure the traceability of our wood-based materials.

Atelier Marey has been FSC-certified® since September 2020.
FSC certification

OEKOTEX STANDARD 100® certification

We are committed to selling materials and clothing while respecting all partners.  That’s why we have been OEKOTEX STANDARD100®-certified since September 2020.

Shortened supply chains

In order to reduce our environmental impact, we have added European and short distanced manufacturing chains to our original Chinese supply chain.

We have therefore developed partnerships with local printing and textile factories that can meet the level of quality and know-how expected by Atelier Marey, offering smaller and more reactive production lines.

These partners will soon be OEKOTEX STANDARD 100® and FSC® certified as well.

Mutual respect

For many years, Atelier Marey has shown its commitment to people by carrying out social audits in our textile factories each year. We take pride in finding partners with the same values. We also ensure the well-being of employees.

The audits can be viewed upon request after signing non-disclosure agreements.
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